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Changes since version 4.48:

  • A subdocument indexing technique has been implemented.
  • LongestTextItems command has been added. Use it to specify the number of longest text items to index.
  • The support has been added for georgian-academy and georgian-ps charsets.
  • URL data preloading has been fixed for multi-DBAddr configurations.
  • HTML parser is now skiping indexing within tags with visibility set to none or hidden in style attribute.
  • Subnet command has been fixed.
  • $*(x) type of template meta-variable has been added. Use it to HTML-escape value without search words highlighting.
  • $(np) and $(p) have been fixed in "resbot" and "bottom" sections of search template.
  • PagesInGroup command has been added. Use it to specify the number of additional pages from the same site when google-like groupping is enabled.
  • ServerWeight command has been fixed.

The most important: a memory leak has been fixed in searchd when configuration reloads with URLData preloaded. But this affects only previous snapshots of 4.49 version.

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