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DataparkSearch 4.48

A new version of DataparkSearch, 4.48, has been released. Changes since previous release are:

  • A possible trap in multi-DBAddr configuration has been fixed.
  • Pharse operator has been fixed.
  • The NEAR and ANYWORD boolean operators have been fixed.
  • The content of CDATA sections in XML documents parses now using HTML parser.
  • Server nofollow processing has been fixed in XML parser.
  • Sections handling has been fixed in XML parser for case of internal recursion.
  • "link" cache mode limit type has been added.
  • Support for libtre has been added.
  • TrackDBAddr command has been added. Use it to specify SQL-database to store query tracking data.
  • Processing has been fixed for NEAR NOT and ANYWORD NOT constructions in boolean search mode.
  • Debian source package has been added. Thanks to Amit Joshi <ajoshi [at] optonline dot net>.
  • label parameter has been added to DBAddr command.
  • "Robots no" command has been fixed.
  • -f switch can now be used to specify for indexer a list of files to index/reindex.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

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