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Gathering geopositions

An once more new feature has been added to latest snapshot of DataparkSearch Engine: it can now to gather geopositions specified in indexing pages using special meta tags. To enable this feature, you need to specify two new sections in your sections.conf file:

Section 0 32
Section geo.lon 0 32

Then you'll be able to use $( and $(geo.lon) meta-variables (as latitude and longitude respectively) in your search template for map construction using, for example, Google Maps.

Curently only two methods of geoposition specification are supported:

1. GeoTags:
< meta name="geo.position" content="43.5828;39.7311">

As usual, you may specify "meta.geo.region" and "meta.geo.placename" sections in same way to gather regions and placenames and use their values in your search template.

2. GeoURL's ICBM address:
< meta content="XXX.XXXXX, XXX.XXXXX" name="ICBM">

N.B.: If you know other methods to specify geopositions at HTML/XHTML/XML pages, please point me an URL, where I can read about.

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