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DataparkSearch 4.52

A new version, 4.52, of DataparkSearch Engine has been released. Changes since version 4.51 are:

  • Busy timemout has been increased for SQLite.
  • Fixes for sub-document recoding and content-length calculation for a document with sub-documents.
  • A fix for incomplete passing text items from a subdocument to parent document.
  • The command parser has been fixed for case when a section in allin<section>: operator contains character '_' or '-'.
  • SkipHrefIn command has been added. Use it to skip some HTML tags from new href lookup.
  • SEASections command has been added. Use it to specify the list of sections which are used to construct SEA summary.
  • A possible trap on an empty document has been fixed.
  • A Disallow command in robots.txt doesn't lead to document removal from database anymore.
  • An error has been fixed in uncompression of big files.
  • Quffix command has been added.
  • Searchd cleans-up now the search cache on config loading/reloading.
  • A bug in stored check-up has been fixed.
  • Time zone processing has been added for Last-Modified header and meta.
  • MakePrefixes command has been added. Use it to produce all prefixes for words in a document. This is suitable for making suggestions.

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