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DataparkSearch 4.51

A new version, 4.51, of DataparkSearch Engine has been released. Changes since version 4.50 are:

  • Exact as in query string matching has been added for relevance calculation.
  • CAS based synchronization has been implemented for i386/x86_64 platform.
  • The ActionSQL command has been added. Use it to execute SQL-queries with document related data while indexing.
  • The support for KOI8-C (an extension of KOI8-R with old-Russian letters) charset has been added.
  • FastHrefCheck command has been added. Use it to skip href checking against server list during parsing.
  • SubDocCnt command has been added. Use it to specity the maximal number of sub-documents indexed per one document.
  • SubDocLevel command has been added. Use it to specify maximal nesting level for sub-documents.
  • HrefSection proccessing has been fixed in XML parser.
  • $( meta-variable has been added.
  • storedoc.cgi accepts now the name of template in &tmplt= CGI-parameter.
  • Accept: HTTP header has been fixed for case when pattern is used for Content-Type in MIME command.
  • A bug in result merging has been fixed for multi-dbaddr mode.
  • allin<section>: operator has been added to the search query language.
  • storedoc.cgi takes now document from remote host if it unable to fetch it from stored database.

Happy New Year!

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