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DataparkSearch 4.53

A new version, 4.53, of DataparkSearch Engine has been released. Changes since version 4.52 are:

  • ReverseAliasProg command has been added.
  • A faster hash function implemented. You need to configure with --enable-hashcompatible switch when upgrade without reindexing.
  • Template meta-variables are now rounded on a space or a puntuation mark.
  • ExcerptMark command has been added. Use it to alter the delimiter of excerpt chunks.
  • Match: command has been added for stopwords files.
  • Improved support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).
  • $(grand_total) template meta-variable has been added. Use it to show the number of URL found before grouping by site.
  • -Esitemap command has been added for indexer. Use it to make a sitemap listing. All filtering options apply.
  • Multithreaded results sorting has been implemented (up to 32 threads in parallel).
  • SectionSQL command has been added.
  • Language and charset guesser has been modified for speed. It need to recreate language maps, if you've created yours own.
  • <!IFREGEX conditional operator has been added for search template.
  • Support for libextractor has been added.
  • Acronym files have been extended by regex based transformations.
  • cachedchk2 table has been added to SQL database. Please execute "indexer -Ecreate" command on upgrade.
  • A function of canonical lanuage name has been fixed. The languages with names below "ru" in lexical order were affected.
  • The maximim length of log records has been enlarged to 480 bytes, the MUST size for a syslog message.
  • MaxHrefsPerServer command has been added. Uset it to limit the maximum number of hrefs accepted per server during one indexer run.
  • Limit command has been extended to accept SQL-based limits.

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