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DataparkSearch 4.43

A new version of DataparkSearch 4.43 has been released. Changes since previous release are:

  • "ProvideReferer yes/no" command has been added.
    Use it to provide Referer request header for HTTP and HTTPS connections.
  • Support has been added for cp775 charset (Baltic Rim DOS codepage).
  • ISO 639-2 and most widely used language aliases were added for charset and language guesser.
  • Defalut value of &ps= CGI-parameter has been changed to 10.
  • Incorrect processing of round brackets has been fixed for non boolean search modes.
  • MaxDepth command has been added. Use it to limit directory depth of url.
  • ReplaceVar command is now accept variable value in BrowserCharset. To add variable in LocalCharset, use ReplaceVarLcs command.
  • Possible trap has been fixed when Store/NoStore command is used.
  • Alias command has been fixed in search.htm template.
  • SEASentences and SEASentenceMinLength commands were added.
  • Semantic for -r switch of indexer has been reverted. Seeding algorithm has been changed also.
  • The Ultra relevance mode has been modified.
  • MaxSiteLevel command has been added. (See blog entry).
  • CrawlDelay command has been added. Use it to specify default pause in seconds between consecutive fetches from same server.
  • The Neo PopRank can now be calculated using several indexer threads (ex.: "indexer -TRN4").

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