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Everglades of Google

Last Saturday I've visited Everglades in Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. In Spring it's a lovely garden despite foggy and rainy weather.

After the visit I've posted a couple videos on Youtube (Google's video hosting) and some photos in my gallery which specified in my Google Profile.

And after all that Google returns to me all top 10 links in their results about Everglades in Florida, USA. Inspite of I am logged into my Google account, supplied my data to Google (which it obviously has indexed) and sent the request from Sydney, Australia.

Surprisingly, Bing returns the site of the garden on the 3rd place with the site of Everglades Country Club at Woy Woy, NSW, on the 2nd. And apparently it knows nothing about me except my location by IP address.

Ample space to improve for Google in personalisation.

BTW, Yandex is as desperate in Everglades as Google.

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