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On 2007

Following a fashion to give forecasts for the next year, I would like to come out with the assumption, that if not in 2007 the following soon after, there will be a new standard of a site of the company where instead of common used home page with the hierarchical menu, will appear the google-like interface — the home page will contain “visiting card” of the company plus a input box of the search engine on all volume of information on site. By the way, the Google has already released Google Apps for Domain package to create your own “”, it's remains to integrate it with Google Appliance or Google Mini, plus it's highly desirable to revive Google Answers in a local variant (in a sort of the Google Answers Mini) and prototype of a next generation CMS will be ready.

The big companies already for a long time can offer much more information to the potential client about the goods and services, rather than it is possible these given to arrange in hierarchical menus conveniently so that the user has understood with structure at the first visit. And so there will be all "intuitively clear" interface of a search box.

Yes of course, the search box standardly is present almost on each site, but it conceived detached in upper right corner of the screen and frequently nominally, because the search features of many people CMS are rather scanty. It will be on the contrary — the search box will be the focus of attention and also the largest object on page, and the menu becomes the auxiliary tool and will vary depending on that the user searches, allowing to be guided in search results more quickly or to specify queries more exactly in one/two clique.

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