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DataparkSearch for crawling and indexing free music

I've just discovered, that DataparkSearch Engine has been compared with other open source search tools for crawling and indexing free music in the Volume 18, issue 1 of Journal of Telecommunications (2013), see it on Scribd.

Some points missed in the article:

  • DataparkSearch has the RESTfull interface, though it's available only in the upcoming 4.54 version (you can try it in the latest snapshot).
  • Using DataparkSearch templates you can get the search results practically in any text based format you need to process. In addition to the standard HTML, XML/RSS, it could be, e.g. JSON or a JavaScript callback for Yahoo's YUI library.
  • In addition to SQL-based storage for the index, DataparkSearch has its own storage, which is similar to nowadays NoSQL.

With these features, it's quite easy to integrate DataparkSearch with any other application or framework.

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