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A new Russian search engine has been born., a leading internet portal in Russia, at last has started it own search engine, on the separate domain: Some years ago, entered search engine market with Google's technologies, then it switched to technologies from Yandex, a leading search company in Russia. And now, has got own search index. - yes, for me, this name is very strong looks like

Besides traditional text search on the Internet, the search also is offered in questions and answers, photos and video. By two best search results in each of these additional areas are shows at the right column of search results page of traditional text search.

The design is made in orange color. The copyright and reference to are presents in the bottom of search results page. Results are very much pleasant, my site on the first place for favourite query 🙂

It seems the concurrency is tightening on search market in Russia. Certainly, Google is taking a failure in Russia with very slow growing and taking 3rd place in popularity among Russian search engine users (after Yandex and Rambler), and now it got a new competitor here.

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  1. Alexey D.

    It's right, Google seems not to be very active on russian search market. As a manager of russian search engine ( I ought browse the market.

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