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DataparkSearch 4.50

A new version, 4.50, of DataparkSearch Engine has been released. Changes since version 4.49 are:

  • Default value for PopRankSkipSameSite command has been changed to "yes".
  • Possible memory leak has been fixed for a sub-document indexed from stored database.
  • The strict option has been added for Section command.
  • A word break has been added for French-style contractions.
  • Big lists of Russian and English synonyms have been added.
  • MaxSiteLevel command accept now a negative argument to group URLs on subdirectory basis.
  • The SkipUnreferred command has been extended to delete unreferred documents if necessary.
  • Del log processing has been fixed in splitter for case when cache log is empty.
  • Some German letters automatically replace by bi-letter combinations in accent-free search mode.
    ß -> ss, ä -> ae, ö -> oe, ü -> ue.
  • SQLite3 support has been added. Use --with-sqlite3 option for configure to enable it.
  • Indexing has been fixed for documents with several versions in different languages. You need to execute "indexer -Erehashstored" command when upgrade.
  • HTML parser understands now <!-- google_ad_section_start -->, <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --> and
    <!-- google_ad_section_end --> comments as tags to include/exclude content for indexing.
  • Relevance calculation has been improved for case when acronyms and abbreviations are used.

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