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Changes from version 4.50, added to the previous snapshot:

  • SubDocCnt command has been added. Use it to specity the maximal number of sub-documents indexed per one document.
  • SubDocLevel command has been added. Use it to specify maximal nesting level for sub-documents.
  • HrefSection proccessing has been fixed in XML parser.
  • $( meta-variable has been added.
  • storedoc.cgi accepts now the name of template in &tmplt= CGI-parameter.
  • Accept: HTTP header has been fixed for case when pattern is used for Content-Type in MIME command.
  • A bug in result merging has been fixed for multi-dbaddr mode.

  • Added support for sub-documents. The sub-documents are: frames, iframes and embedded objects (flash tubes in general); temporary redirects (often used to place cookies or redirect to a page, depending on the language preferences of the user); versions of the same page in different languages obtained with Content negotiation.

    The indexing of sub-documents is controlled by two commands: the SubDocLevel command sets the maximum nesting level of a sub-document to be indexed. The default value is 0, which prohibits the sub-document indexing. The SubDocCnt command sets the maximum number of sub-documents to be indexed at all nesting levels (this command is mainly to prevent endless cycles of pages nested into each others). The default value is 5.

    Some changes have been made in the search for Server / Realm / Subnet command for indexing documents, a full search is carried out now only when a document is added to the search base. This should speed up the indexing when a large number of Server / Realm / Subnet commands is used.

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