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Changes since version 4.50 are:

  • allin<section>: operator has been added to the search query language.
  • storedoc.cgi takes now document from remote host if it unable to fetch it from stored database.

1. The operator allin<section>:, where <section> is the name of a section, defined in sections.conf file (or in any dpsearch's configuration file by Section command) with non-zero section number, that operator allows to limit the search domain for a query word by the section specified.

This operator differ from limiting search domain using &wf= CGI-variable in a way, that such limit is imposing only on query words specified after this operator.

For example, if you have the following commands in sections.conf file

Section body 1 256
Section title 2 128
Section url 3 0 strict

then you can use the following operators in search query: allinbody:, allintitle: and allinurl:.

For the query computer allintitle: science it will be found the documents that contain the word science in the title and the word computer in any document section.

2. storedoc.cgi can now fetch the document from remote server directly to highlight query words in it (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols are used). So, if only local web-server is indexed, you don't need to use stored database for the highlighting feature.

//DataparkSearch Engine.

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