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A new command SectionSQL has been added in the latest snapshot dpsearch-4.53-12092009.

SectionSQL <name> <num> <maxlength> [strict] <SQLtemplate> [<DBAddr>]

This command is similar to the Section command, as it also defines a section of document, but the value of the section is the result of execution of a SQL-query derived from <SQLtemplate> by filling out meta-variables, similar those used in search template. The first column of every row returned by the SQL-query is taken as the value of the section. An example:

SectionSQL db.title 3 0 "SELECT d.url_desc FROM url u, url_desc d WHERE u.url='$(URL)' AND"  pgsql://

Using the SectionSQL command, the standalone directories or bookmarks can be taken into account when indexing an URL.

N.B: this page in Russian.

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