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DataparkSearch 4.42

A new version of DataparkSearch 4.42 has been released. Changes since previous release are:

  • Some modifications for speed performance has been made.
  • XML parser has been improved.
  • CRC32 has been totaly replaced by Hash32. Collisions are possible in clones detection when upgrade.
  • cache:// dbtype has been fixed for searchd.
  • Minor bug has been fixed in content decompressing.
  • Indexer can now gather geopositions specified in special meta tags. See blog entry
  • &empty= CGI-parameter has been added. Use it to disable use search limits to show results if no query words is entered.
  • UseDateHeader command has been added. Use it to get value of Date: HTTP header as date of document if no Last-Modified header is specified.
  • Asynchronous SQL commands processing has been added for PgSQL.
  • Clones detection has been modified for better performance.
  • Possible trap on excerpt construction has been fixed.
  • -z swicth for indexer has been added. Use it to limit indexer to documents with hops value no more than specified.
  • Severel bugs (#175, #176) were fixed.

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