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DataparkSearch 4.47

DataparkSearch 4.47 has been released. Changes since previous version are:

  • Tags and categories are now storing in urlinfo table and they can be set per document basis.
  • Navigation through result pages has been fixed for search results caching.
  • Support for crosswords has been implemented for cache dbmode.
  • A possible trap has been fixed for the indexing via NNTP.
  • Automatic phrase search has been implemented for compound words having dots, commas, dashes, underscores and slashes (.,-_/\) as delimiters between word parts.
  • Reconnection to MySQL has been improved in case of unexpected connection lost.
  • The full method of relevance calculation has been modified.
  • Conditional operators can now be used in variables section of template.
  • Storing documents in stored database has been fixed for non-default value of StoredFiles.
  • Word forms consruction has been improved for words not found in ispell dictionatries.
  • mod_dpsearch is now supply BrowserCharset in server reply headers.
  • -f switch has been added for cached, search and stored, use to run them foreground (don't demonize).
  • Several bugs were fixed.

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