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  • ResegmentChinese, ResegmentJapanese, ResegmentKorean and ResegmentThai commands were added.
  • Possible trap in XML parser has been fixed.
  • Smart phrase segmenting has been implemented for search queries in case when no language is specified exactly.
  • Charset and language guessing has been improved for case when controversial data is provided in server reply headers and in meta tags.
  • Unicode data has been updated to 5.0.0 version.
  • Query tracking has been rewritten for searchd. Message queue interface doesn't require anymore for this feature.
  • More strict preconditions were imposed on automatic update of language maps.
  • Template loading has been fixed for Apache internal redirects.
  • Words not listed in spell data are now checking only against data for language specified in language limit or as search template language.
  • Suport for Tajik KOI8-T charset has been added.

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