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Books 2.0

It was thought, that it's technically possible to implement nowadays a device by means of which it is to realize an old student's entertainment when one started to write the novel/story, and another continued, then continued the third, etc. Collective work so to say, with rather not trivial turns not only in plot, but also in genre of a composition.

And so, nowaday notepad PC with something like Wi-Fi builtin is allow to read electronic texts anyware, and when wandering over city it is possible "to gather" from counter similar devices of "priming" of new novels/stories, selecting them by tags (of course 🙂 or by any other method. Yes, first models of PDA can exchange electronic personal cards on-the-fly, but today a much more data can be transmitted between devices in less time.

Also developing systems of micropayments will allow to collect paymentС‹ for continuation from readers, or to pay reading another's continuations.

Well, the second variant: a subscription to novels of any writer which agree to work in a serial mode when the chapter just wrote leaves to subscriber's devices in a touch via Internet. It will relative easy to distribute in such way with free on use metropolitan Wi-Fi networks unfolds.

Yes, this also look as on paid reading/writing in livejournal...

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