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DataparkSearch comparison

A comparison between public-domain search engines (PDF, 20 pages) as of March 2006. They compare Nutch, MnoGoSearch, DataparkSearch and ht//Dig.

UPDATE: There is an another comparison of DataparkSearch made in October 2007: Yury Vetrov's blog (in Russian). They compare Sphinx, Tsearch2, DataparkSearch, MnoGoSearch and Yandex.Server (free and commercial versions). Overall weighted rating for these search engines is:

  1. Sphinx (4,48);
  2. DataparkSearch (4,33);
  3. Yandex.Server, free version (4,24);
  4. Yadex.Server,commercial version (4,09);
  5. MnoGoSearch (3,82);
  6. Tsearch2 (3,45).

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