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A new snapshot of DataparkSearch Engine 4.54 is available: dpsearch-4.54-2014-01-09.

Changes since the previous snapshot are:

  • added hour and minute limit types
  • fixed compilation in case when --without-aspell switch for configure is used
  • fixed use of uninitialised value in some cases when aspell is used

An example of constructing minute based time limit with DataparkSearch Engine (an hour based limit type is used by default for time limit)

In indexer.conf file, replace the following command

Limit dt:time

with the command

Limit dt:minute "SELECT last_mod_time, rec_id FROM url u WHERE u.status > 0 AND u.status < 400"

In searchd.conf config file and in search template search.htm, you can use a short form of the command

Limit dt:minute

You need to execute the following command after you made modifications into your config files:

/usr/local/dpsearch/sbin/indexer -TW

This command creates the time limit of a new type, minute based. Then you need to restart searchd daemon, if you use it.

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