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Old trick speedups RaspberryPi

I've finally set-up my RaspberryPi laptop and played with it.

The main aim is to test DataparkSearch Engine on a new architecture. And the first step was to test libdp, an auxiliary library implementing some libc functions in a more efficient way (see Speed it up, a bit).

To compare performance with and without libdp, I've executed two browser tests (Speed Battle and Peacekeeper) with Midori browser which is a default browser in Raspbian. Here are the results:

Speed Battle
Calculate Store Render Overall
0.59 0.67 0.9 1.44 0.98 1.03 2.47 3.14
0.31 0.52 1.03 1.03 1.02 1.07 2.36 2.62
0.62 0.56 0.59 0.96 1.02 1.08 2.23 2.6
0.3 0.74 1.05 1.12 1.06 1.08 2.41 2.94
0.59 0.74 1.07 0.98 1.06 1.06 2.72 2.78
0.482 0.646 0.928 1.106 1.028 1.064 2.438 2.816

The results of this test are float, so I made 5 runs for each case. The average overall result is greater by approx. 15% with libdp preloaded (green background).

Without libdp With libdp
46 48

The results of this tests are stable for every run. It's about 4% increase with lidbdp.

If you would like to try libdp on RaspberryPi here is an instruction how to install it:

  1. Install autotools:
    sudo apt-get install automake autoconf libtool
  2. Download libdp:
    wget -c
  3. Extract it:
    tar -xzf libdp-4.54-2013-10-02.tar.gz
  4. Enter into the directory libdp-4.54-2013-10-02:
    cd libdp-4.54-2013-10-02
  5. Generate configure and making files:
  6. Make it:
  7. Install it:
    sudo make install
  8. Add the full path to the libdp into your /etc/ file with your favourite text editor (suppose it's vi):
    sudo vi /etc/

    and add the following line:

  9. If you don't need autotools anymore deinstall them:
    sudo apt-get purge automake autoconf libtool
    sudo apt-get autoremove
    sudo apt-get clean

    The last two command remove automatically installed dependency packages and clean up local cache of downloaded packages. You may skip these if you don't need it.

  10. Reboot your RaspberyPi

Please note, the performance advantage is not guaranteed, you may got it decreased for some applications.

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