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I feel happy returning home at 2am last night catching the last train from the city. I've been to my first milonga, dancing and watching real life tango for almost 5 hours. It was an amazing experience!

Half year ago I've thought I can not dance at all. It is changing since then with the help of Sophia de Lautour (Alvarez), my tango instructor, who is passionate about tango, very friendly and patient teaching someone who was not born to dance. If you wish to try learn tango, especially in North Sydney or Eastern suburbs, please take a look on the web-site of her school: So Tango: tango classes and private lessons in Sydney.

The topping of the evening were 3 tangos performed by Natalia Hill and Alejandro Aquino who showed the art of tango haute couture. Watch them dancing in Taipei last year:


A month ago I have switched to Yatango Mobile from Vodafone prepaid $29 plan per 28 days (well, it was 30 days when I'd started with them 3 years ago).

In short, the result is I've paid $22.44 for a whole month instead of $29 I would pay with Vodafone.

Last week I've took a scenic flight with Sydney Seaplanes to Bondi Beach, then along North Beaches and around Sydney Harbour. Well, initially I've booked a flight through Sydney to Blue Mountains, but on that day Blue Mountains were covered with clouds so nothing was visible. Thus I've got an extra to Bondi Beach along Vaucluse and Dover Heights in addition to standard scenic flight along North Beaches.

Here are some photo from this flight.

South Head:

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A new snapshot of DataparkSearch Engine 4.54 is available: dpsearch-4.54-2014-01-09.

Changes since the previous snapshot are:

  • added hour and minute limit types
  • fixed compilation in case when --without-aspell switch for configure is used
  • fixed use of uninitialised value in some cases when aspell is used

An example of constructing minute based time limit with DataparkSearch Engine (an hour based limit type is used by default for time limit)
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A new snapshot of DataparkSearch Engine 4.54 is available: dpsearch-4.54-2013-12-31.tar.bz2

Changes since previous snapshot are:

  • improved charset/language guessing if only one of meta or server charset is specified
  • fixed innuendo loop when htdblimit is not set
  • fixed crash when no aspell extension is enabled
  • added AllowIf/DisallowIf commands
  • fixed automatic construction of IDN pattern for 'Server page' command
  • added writing URL data for redirected pages if subdocuments are enabled
  • restoreed mirroring
  • put value of alt atribute of img tag as a crossword section for the image pointed by the tag

Ubuntu/Debian and RPM packages made from this snapshot are available in the Download section on Google Code.