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Rutvit, Russian Twitter

Dmitry Koterov, co-founder of professional social network "Moi Krug" (similar to LinkedIn), has announced the launch of a new project called RuTvit.

According to Dmitry, RuTvit combines the best of FriendFeed and twitter, also the improvements focused on Russians has being brought to the project.

As examples of inconveniences of existing services, Dmitry points out the absence of search with word forms in twitter, lack of real time post updates (as it implemented in FriendFeed but not in twitter), lack of Russian hash tags, unrepresentative picture of popular Russian users in twitter.

Despite the fact that RuTvit has lunched in alpha version, it implements a real time search, also gives the possibility to import from twitter, FriendFeed and others (total 19 popular online services and social networks), which would facilitate migration to RuTvit.

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